Podcasting editing and hosting service

Podcasting for BusinessMaking a podcast is great fun – the technical side can be less so. But don’t worry help is at hand. Together with my colleagues at Studio Line 14 (site in Dutch) we have a variety of options for you.

We will make your podcast sound fantastic and make sure it is professionally published and distributed maximising your chance of success.

Basic package:

This works on the premise that you record your own podcast – we can train you to do this too – and give clear instructions as to what needs to stay in and what needs to go in the edit. Editing, uploading and publication is included. This costs €195 per episode. Wherever you are in the world you can make use of this package.

Studio package: 

Record at Studio Line 14 on the Sisalbaan in Leiderdorp – this is an easy to reach out of town shopping district with free parking for you and your guests (exit 6 for Leiderdorp off the A4 motorway between Amsterdam and the Hague)

Reception of hosts and guests including tea, coffee and cold drinks.

Professional coaching and direction during the recording.

Use of the studio with professional microphones and recording equipment

Final edit delivered in mp3 format.

A monthly podcast with a studio package is available for €495 per episode

On location package: 

Recording at a location of your choice

Professional coaching and direction during the recording

Use of professional recording equipment

Final edit delivered in mp 3 format

A monthly location package is available for €645 per episode

A customised podcast player

This is an excellent service that can be added to all of the above options. Made in your house-style the player is eye-catching and user-friendly.  It comes with a landing page for your podcast, has social media share buttons, and gives you access to the major distribution channels such as Apple podcasts, Stitcher and Spotify.  It also has the option to allow people to subscribe to your podcast.

Add it to the above options and you are guaranteed to have top-notch hosting and distribution for your podcast. Available for €95 per month, it is possible to cancel this service with a month’s notice.

Vodcast podcast with video

It is also possible to add video to your podcast. Camera’s switch between the different guests during the recording. Easy to use on your website of on your You Tube channel.

Additional video footage can also be edited into the final production. Costs for adding video are dependent on your exact needs so get in touch and tel us what you want.

Other services

Concept development of your podcast, full promotion and distribution plan, full social media management. Available on request.

Contact me today and get the plan that best suits your needs.

* VAT (it’s called BTW where I am based, in the Netherlands) will be added to the prices above. This is 21%, if you are a company or non-profit you can claim this money back when you do your tax returns. This is an obligatory cost. 

These prices listed here are for monthly packages. Packages can be cancelled without extra costs with a calendar month’s notice.  

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