Voices Forever – Personal Podcast

Andy05Audio is an incredibly powerful way of conveying emotions and has a deep intimacy.

Memories fade and none of us are here forever, professionally produced audio can help preserve important memories and document lives lived.

And give you the chance to listen to the voice of a loved one whenever you want.

A personal podcast is something precious to treasure and keep.

Think about preserving the dearest memories of parents and grandparents and hearing th$_35ose moments spoken by the person themselves.

This is something which can provide a deep feeling of connection even after someone is no longer with us.

Personal Podcast – a treasured keepsake

An audio production can be shared with anyone you chose to share with wherever they are in the world.

It can be downloaded so your family and friends can listen whenever they want to and as many times as they like.

Personal Podcasts can be used to document a whole range of personal stories:

  • to record life stories to keep and treasure
  • to mark milestone birthdays
  • to tell the story of a personal business
  • to send family messages
  • to surprise a loved one

Audio is a great option as not everyone feels at ease in front of a camera and the production costs are lower.

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Personal Podcast – How it works

By using professional storytelling skills developed from more than 25 years in professional journalism I will help you structure and produce your story.

ProfessiAndy Clark-2onal recording and editing techniques will ensure that the stories are of the highest quality.

My audio production history includes work for the BBC, Radio Television Hong Kong and Radio Netherlands Worldwide.

I currently work producing podcasts in English and in Dutch and can produce your story in either language.

Price Indication

Various levels of personal audio stories can be made: prices start from €400 and are dependent on the amount of time needed to produce the specific audio product you want.

Short interview style: 10-15 minute montage taken from a single interview (based on questions from a briefing) with voice-overs and music.

Long interview style: 25 – 30 minute montage taken from two interviews (based on a briefing)  with voice-overs and music.

Short radio documentary style: 20 – 25 minutes – based on several interviews with mix of sound effects, music and narration.

Longer radio documentary style: 35-40 minutes – based on multiple interviews, sound effects, with music mix and narration.

The Personal Podcasts are produced with your input at every step of the way.

Video can be added if desired – either short fragments or a full scale video production. Existing material can also be edited into the final production. Note: adding video production will substantial increase production time and costs.

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